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Asian girl holding Laos flag on top of Viewpoint of Nong Khiaw - a secret village in Laos.

A Taste 
OF Laos
In every Bite

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Lao Chili Crisp (9oz)
Jeow Bong (Lao Spicy Dipping Sauce)(9oz)
Seen Lod (Lemongrass Beef Jerky)(4oz)
Seen Savanh (Lao Sweet & Savory Jerky)(4oz)
Forest Home


Our mission is to shine the spotlight on Laos and share our story, culture, and cuisine. We strive to make it where Laos is no longer the forgotten Asian country. We are a culture full of family, love, spirits, laughter and hard work. All of this is culminated in our food. So our new friends and family, we invite you to "ma der, ma der" (come eat) and enjoy the rich Lao cuisine. We welcome you with open arms!

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