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Our Mission

Our mission is to shine the spotlight on Laos and share our story, culture, and cuisine. We strive to make it where Laos is no longer the forgotten Asian country. Historically, the food of Laos has received little attention compared to its neighboring cousins of Thailand and Vietnam. However, this is changing as our society becomes open to new cuisines and the media brings more attention to Laos. World renowned chef and global traveler Anthony Bourdain shined the long overdue light on Laos (including the Hmong) when it was featured on his show "Parts Unknown" (See videos below). From the Lao people, we thank you Anthony Bourdain. 

We are a culture full of family, love, spirits, laughter and hard work. All of this is culminated in our food. The Lao cuisine is traditionally served family style for everyone to communally reach for the delicious dishes with sticky rice. A nice shot of cognac will usually accompany our meal, too! Lao cuisine is vibrant and packed with fresh herbs and the natural spices of chilis. The combination of ingredients is absolutely mouthwatering and guaranteed to excite your taste buds!

So our new friends and family, we invite you to "ma der, ma der" (come eat) and enjoy the rich Lao cuisine. We welcome you with open arms!

 The Flag of Laos in the World Map.jpg