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Tips & Reheating Guide

For those new to the Laotian cuisine, welcome! We wanted to provide some quick “tips” and a reheating guide below to help you on your journey.

  • We eat EVERYTHING with sticky rice! Pick up all the food with your hands and form sticky rice a ball (a little scooper). Dip your sticky rice in the jeow (dipping sauces).

  • For the Thum Mak Hoong (Lao papaya salad), use the cabbage and pork rinds to pick up the papaya salad with your hands.

  • For the Laap Gai (Chicken) and Laap Seen (Beef), use the lettuce and cucumbers to pick up the laap with your hands.

  • For the Nam Khao (Crispy Rice Salad), scoop the Nam Khao in the lettuce and wrap it for a nice little lettuce wrap.

Reheating Guide
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