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5 Reasons To Try The Lao Cuisine

#1: The Lao Cuisine is now Easy to Explore!

Brisket and Chicken Wings Bento Box_edit
LAOcuterie Board with Chicken Laap_edite
Sausage and Jerky Bento Box_edited_edite

Through LAOcuterie boards and Lao Bento Boxes, exploration is easy!

#2: Fresh Herbs & Greens are abundant in The Lao Cuisine! 

Collection of Herbs
Photo Jun 09, 8 36 53 PM.jpg

A large quantity of fresh, raw herbs and greens are traditionally served with meals, along with spicy dipping sauces!

#3: Lao Sticky Rice!

Khao Niew.jpg

Sticky rice is the base for every Lao meal! Pair this with any meat appetizer, entrée, and Lao Papaya Salad. Eat it with your hands to scoop up food and have fun with it! Bonus - it's gluten free!

#4: Lao Papaya Salad! 

Chili Peppers_edited.jpg

Originating in Laos, the spicy green papaya salad is mixed with marinated fish sauce (think Umami explosion!), shrimp paste, red chilis, lime, and tomatoes. Served with cabbage, pork rinds and cucumbers. It pairs perfectly with sticky rice (see below)!

#5: The Umami tastebud explosion in The Lao Cuisine! 

Dip fermented fish spicy sauce with fres

Umami (o͞oːˌmäːmē), or savoriness, is one of the five basic tastes (i.e. sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and savory). Many Lao dishes are made with a marinated fish sauce, which, according to Bon Appétit Magazine is "sweet, salty, fishy, and funky all at once, a prismatic tsunami of flavor"! (Delany, A., 2018, March 13, Wait, What is Fish Sauce, Anyway?, Bon Appétit Magazine,

Discover the Difference

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